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Husky® Portable Containment - Specialty Items

One of Husky’s® enjoyments are our special products we build. Below is a list of some of the projects we have embarked on and fully enjoyed being a part of.

Husky Portable Container used as a baptism pool

Water filled totes made by Husky Portable Containment being used as ballast for light towers at a Rolling Stones concert.

Cabela's kayak store is using a Husky custom tank to test drive kayaks.

Girls looking at fish in a Husky portable tank

  • Portable baptismal folding frame tanks. These are used as a traveling baptism tank and we are proud to help.
  • Wash tanks with special low sidewall for pressure spraying equipment.
  • Fish holding tanks. Our folding frame tanks have been used by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, "The Redfish Series" and others as mini fishing ponds for children to possibly catch their first fish.
  • Carnival dunk tanks. Our folding tank liners have been used for the purpose of holding water for an unlucky individual to fall into.
  • Rain water holding tanks for a movie set. Yes, Hollywood has called. These tanks are used to store water for the right moment when a rain storm is needed on set and they pump the water out of the Husky® tank.
  • Blood-filled Bladder Tanks (fake blood that is). Yes, Hollywood has called again. These bladders were used to hold a red liquid to simulate blood. We designed a special drain and at the right moment the drain was opened and blood spilled down all over the victims—gruesome. Remember Carrie?
  • Celebrities in California use our folding frame tanks for personal water supplies to fight their own fires.
  • Berms for NASCAR champagne celebrations.
  • Water storage for tiny houses. Our bladder tanks are a great water storage solution for homes like Little Acorn House.
  • Kayak test drives. When Cabela's wanted to provide a way for customers to test drive a kayak, we made a tank that fit the need perfectly.
  • Gator Encounters. Wildlife Encounters of Gretna use our folding frame tanks to help teach kids about alligators and wildlife conservation.
  • Cranberry bog. Yes, you read that correctly!
  • Light Tower Ballast. Husky® water filled totes were used as ballast for light towers at a Rolling Stones concert.

These are a few of our specialty projects and we look forward to many more to come.

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