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Introducing The Reflective Edge

  April 25, 2013

Husky® Portable Containment has designed a new liner for our folding frame tanks. This new liner called The Reflective Edge™ has a reflective top hem that will help firefighters see the tank easier at night. When any light is shining its way it will act just as reflective lettering does and become very visible. It is easy for your tank to disappear in the night and in the heat of the moment it has been known for a driver to accidentally back into the tank destroying it. Help your driver and save your tank by using The Reflective Edge™ Liner by Husky®!

The Reflective Edge™ Liner comes in any material options or liner options we offer.

The Reflective Edge™ can be installed on your existing Husky® liner but it will have to be shipped to our factory for the installation.