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Husky Christmas/New Year's Letter

  December 19, 2013

Jay ClaeysThanksgiving has passed and Christmas is around the corner. Time sure flies. Christmas and the holidays are a wonderful time of year; it would be nice to see everyone really get a hold of the Christmas spirit. It's a time for families to celebrate together and be close to those you love. Our lives are busy and keep getting busier, take a step back, pick up the phone and call someone you may not have talked to for a while or help someone who may need it. Say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" to that grumpy neighbor or difficult boss. A positive joyful attitude spreads to those around you.

With 2013 coming to a close I feel the need to thank a few people. Everyday life at Husky is amazing and I feel fortunate to be working with the people I do. We have a great crew that gives 150% day in and day out, that cares about what they are doing, and I want to take this time to thank them. I would also like to thank our distributors and end users. Your continued support has allowed us to reach the level we are at now. We have begun construction of our new facility which is going to give us the additional square footage we need to keep up with production demands and help tremendously with our lead times. It will also allow us to hire more people and help with this crumbling economy. This has been another good year for Husky Portable Containment and I do thank each and every person who has supported us.

Life is short so take a minute to reflect, give thanks where needed and help those you can. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Jay Claeys