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Innovation Remains Key to Husky Success

  March 30, 2017

By Sarah Wright for The Municipal Magazine, reprinted with permission.

Cover of the April 2017 issue of The Municipal featuring Husky Portable ContainmentSince its founding in December 2004, Husky Portable Containment has strove to be the best at everything it does, leading to a series of one-of-a-kind innovations that continue to shape the fire industry. Innovation, however, is only one of several categories that remain at the forefront of Husky's priorities, with the other being quality, customer service, price and lead time. Excelling in these categories has allowed Husky Portable Containment to expand into its third facility in 12 years after years of constant and steady growth.

Husky is well known for its firefighting products, which include folding frame tanks, self-supporting tanks, salvage covers, strainers and many other items related to the water shuttle industry. Husky also manufactures environmental safety products that are designed to protect the environment by containing spills and storing harmful liquids. These products include spill containment berms, bladder or pillow tanks, de-con pools and showers along with many other products to help keep the environment safe against fuels, chemicals and other toxic materials.

Husky is devoted to offering the best materials available. Its EXLON®, a 22-ounce-per-square-yard material, was developed exclusively for Husky as a lightweight but very strong and durable material — capable of withstanding the worst of conditions. EXLON® has proven itself in the field time and time again being used for everything from firefighting water tank applications to bladder tanks and spill containment berms. To top it off, EXLON® is manufactured in the U.S.

Unsurprisingly, Husky also holds several patents with other patents pending. Innovation is forefront with Husky's design team, and custom-designed products are commonplace for the company. For instance, Husky's "Easy Life Handles," U.S. Patent No. 8,746,478, propelled the company to its place as the leader in firefighting folding frame tanks. This revolutionary first in the folding frame tank market changed how tanks are handled. These grab handles are RF welded to the floor of the tank in the corners, helping remove standing water, and through the center positioned in a zigzag pattern, which helps fold the liner up in the frame for storage.

Husky's quality control team ensures that customers receive the highest quality products. To reach this standard, their QC team has evolved over the years, working with the end users while also continuing to review the company's processes. Husky has an always moving forward attitude and continues to push design and quality efforts.

Another part of Husky's success is their customer service. Husky treats all their customers as they would want to be treated. Every situation is handled with professionalism and courtesy for the best results for their customers. Husky’s team is ready and available to answer any questions or address any concerns during the design process of a new product or giving technical information about existing ones. They are there long after the customer has received their product. Husky stands behind all their products.