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Logrolling World Champions use our Aqua Tanks

  August 01, 2017
World Champion Logrollers Jenny Janke Owen and Julie Janke Reyes using one of Husky's Aqua Tanks

Julie (right) and Jenny practice logrolling in a Husky Aqua Tank Type III.

Logrollers using Husky's Aqua Tank Type III

Julie and Jenny's kids Jake and Karissa use an Aqua Tank for logrolling.

If you're looking for a tank that's perfect for logrolling and lumberjack sports, look no further than Husky's Aqua Tank Type III. Three-time World Champions Jenny Janke Owen and Julie Janke Reyes recently requested a custom tank, so that they could practice their logrolling. Having their own practice tank at home also gave them the opportunity for some family time; the two champions are sisters, and their mother and aunt are also three-time world champions. So take it from the very best in the sport: Husky's Aqua Tanks are the perfect solution for logrolling.