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Skinny® Self-Supporting Tank

Husky® has expanded its Skinny® Tank line. We are now offering our popular Skinny® Tank in a Self Supporting Tank model called the Skinny® SST. It functions like our original Skinny® Tank with a narrower design to allow you to use this tank in limited space areas that require traffic to pass. Go with “The Leader of the Pack” go with Husky®.






  1. Frameless all-fabric tank
  2. Husky® Water Tanks include our exclusive "Easy Lift Handles" (US Patent No. 8,746,478 and other Patents Pending), making Husky® the easiest to handle water tank on the market.
  3. Husky® Skinny® SST can be built any size to fit your capacity and space requirement needs.
Husky® Portable Containment offers a lifetime warranty on all welds
Lifetime Warranty on all Welds and Welded Seams

Husky® Portable Containment was the first portable tank company in the fire equipment industry to offer a lifetime warranty on all welds and welded seams on Husky® firefighting products.

Quality is not just a word at Husky®, it is the foundation on which we build our business. We want you to know that when you buy a Husky® Portable Tank, you are purchasing a product that is built to last a lifetime. Husky® will repair or replace any tank if a seam or weld comes apart or breaks. You can feel secure and safe with your portable tanks. Put a Husky® on your team today!

Read the Husky® full product warranty for more information.

  1. The approximate folded dimensions for the standard-size Skinny® SST can be altered because this frameless tank can be folded in many different configurations.
  2. Over 2000 gallons
Part No. Capacity Filled Dimension Folded Dimensions Weight
SSST-2000 low side 2000 US Gallons 8' x 16'6" x 34" 32"x32"x24" 85 lbs.
  1. Customize Product

    Husky® Portable Containment continually strives to meet our customers' needs. If you have a custom product request we are here to meet your challenge and can design and build what you may require. We don't limit ourselves to "standard" products. With our vast associations in the manufacturing industry, we can locate any type of material, fitting, valve, etc. required for your order. Custom orders generally have a quick turnaround and we can expedite your order if it is required.

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  2. Husky®-Tough Liners

    Husky® Portable Containment is proud to introduce the new EXLON® folding frame tank liner material, which has been designed to replace DuPont's discontinued Hypalon liner material. EXLON® was designed with UV resistance, heat resistance, abrasion, puncture resistance and excellent cold cracking qualities in mind allowing Husky® to offer the best folding tank liner material on the market. EXLON® has incredible strength as well; it can be used in tanks up to 10,000-gallon capacity. EXLON® comes with a ten-year warranty against UV and weather elements.

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    Vinyl Self Supporting water tanks come standard with a durable 30 oz. floor. In addition to standard vinyl, they are also available in NSF 61 approved 30 oz. potable material and in chemical and fuel resistant materials that are great for oil spill clean-up or petroleum storage.

  1. Strainers

    Husky® Portable Containment Strainers are durable and strong yet lightweight, so they are easy to handle. Husky® Strainers will meet or exceed flow rates of any other strainers on the market and we stand behind Husky® Strainers with a three-year warranty, so you can be assured you are buying a quality product that will last. Husky® offers two types of strainers — floating strainers and low-level strainers, so there is a Husky® brand strainer for virtually any application.

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  2. Hard Suction Hose Stands

    Husky® Portable Containment offers Hard Suction Hose Stands for use with Husky® Self Supporting Tanks. This stand allows you to place your suction hose in the “saddle” of the stand to eliminate any collapsing of the side of the tank. Husky® Hose Stands are fully adjustable.

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  3. 90 Degree Elbow

    Husky® all aluminum 90 Degree Elbow allows you to run a hard suction hose to your Folding Frame Tank without having to take up much-needed space.

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    Learn more about setting up, draining, and storing your Husky® Self-Supporting Tank.

  2. Flange Kit Instructions

    Download instructions to install a flange on your new Husky® tank.

  3. Bulkhead Fitting Installation Instructions

    Learn how to install a standard bulkhead fitting for a Husky® tank.

  4. Husky Firefighting Brochure 2018

  5. Husky Environmental Brochure 2018


Skinny self supporting tanks require no assembly

Skinny self-supporting 
tanks require
no assembly

Save time and make
your job easier with

Husky Portable Containment's Easy Lift Handles


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