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Tanks Side by Side Comparison


  Standard Folding Frame Tank Leading Edge® Tank Skinny® Tank Double Folding Frame Tank AQUA Tank Type 1 AQUA Tank Type 2 AQUA Tank Type 3 Self Supporting Tank Skinny® Self Supporting Tank
Pinch-Free Design         N/A N/A N/A    
Steel Frame Available               N/A N/A
Aluminum Frame Available               N/A N/A
Replacement Liners Available                  
Easy Lift Handles                  
Available in Vinyl                  
Available in Exlon                  
Fits Portable Tank Rack                  
Capacity 500-5,000 1,500-5,000 1,500-5,000 500-5,000 250-3,000 250-3,000 Unlimited 250-50,000 1,500-5,000
Reflective Edge Available                  
PRO500® Liner Available                  
Advantage Strong and Versatile Can be Transformed into a Skinny® Tank Narrow Design for Limited Space Compact for Easy Hauling Rigid Frame and Portable, Square Rigid Frame and Portable, Hexagon or Octagon Design Stable Design for Large Capacity One-Man Setup Narrow and Frameless


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