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Superior Product

Husky tanks are available on GSA Husky tanks are made in the USA Husky is a member of NFPA Husky is a sponsor of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Husky accepts Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express

Strong Supply Chain

Husky®️ Portable Containment's network of suppliers allows even the most critical customer needs to be met. Recently, California wildfires led the U.S. Forest Service to order more product from Husky®️ in one week than typically ordered in the course of three months. The need was urgent. By utilizing a strong supply chain, Husky®️ was able to meet those needs and, ultimately, help save communities in California.

Ryerson Case Study


Chief Dale Little

"Dewey Fire Department uses Husky® products which are great for our department."

Dewey Fire Dept.

Gary Smith

"We've used drop tanks in our department for years and have always had problems getting the water out and folding the tanks up. We've always sent the rookie underneath the tank to get the water out. Since Husky's® invention of the Easy Lift Handles, getting water out and folding the tank has been much easier."

Oglesby Volunteer Fireman

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Easy Lift Handles

Easy Lift Handles

With Easy Lift heavy-duty handles RF Welded to the floor of Husky® Folding Frame Tanks, tank tear-down not only takes less effort, but also saves valuable time and man-power. 

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Quick Release Drain Tube

Quick Release Drain Tube

Husky® Quick Release Drain Tubes are made from stainless steel, making them virtually unbreakable. 

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Quick Dump

Quick Dump

Husky® Quick Dump lets you easily drain your tank in only 20 seconds. 

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EXLON® liner

All Husky® Folding Frame Tanks use our fantastic EXLON® material, which provides the durability, UV resistance, and heat resistance you've come to expect at an affordable price. 

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Husky® Liners

Collapsible Folding Frame Tanks, also known as porta ponds or port-a-tanks

Husky® Port-a-Tank Liners are designed with no bulky corners full of excess material that you don't need. Our patent-pending manufacturing process allows us to use one continuous piece of heavy-duty 22 oz. vinyl for the side panel, which is then welded to our Husky® duty 28 oz. floor material. Combined with our patented "Easy Lift Handles" (US Patent No. 8,746,478 and US Patent 10,518,967 ) welded to the liner floor, Husky® Frame Tank Liners are the most durable and easiest to use on the market today. 

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The Reflective Edge

Reflective Edge

Never struggle to see your Tank or Tarps at night again! The Reflective Edge® is an optional strip of reflective material sewn to the top of Husky® Folding Frame Tanks, Self Supporting Tanks, and the outer edge of our Tarps that helps firefighters see them more easily at night. 

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Pinch-Free Design

Pinch Free Design

All Husky® Folding Frame Tanks feature pinch-free frames and will not pinch your hands or fingers in the folding areas. 

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Leading Edge® Tanks

Leading Edge Tank

The Husky® Leading Edge® Tank (US Patent No. 10,913,597) is the multipurpose tank of the future. The LE Tank is built as a Standard Folding Frame Tank in size that can be transformed into a Skinny® Tank

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