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Ground Tarps & Covers

Tarps that are built to last

Husky® Ground Covers are designed to spread on the ground before you set up a tank or berm. They protect the bottom of the tank or berm from all types of terrain. Our 10 oz. material is unmatched and is NFPA 701 certified fire-resistant. Also, the base fabric or “scrim” has a “Rip Stop” quality that eliminates tearing. Other Husky® materials, 18 oz., 22 oz. and 30 oz. are all fire resistant with a rip-stop scrim. Call for samples today!

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Standard Sizing:

9ft x 12ft, 12ft x 12ft, 12ft x 14ft, 12ft x 18ft, 14ft x 18ft, 16ft x 16ft, 20ft x 20ft

Standard Colors:

Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, White, Black and Lime Green *

*Color availability varies for each material.

Material Choices:

Vinyl, EXLON, Natural Canvas, Treated Canvas

Heavy Duty & Fire Resistant Tarps for any tough job

We pride ourselves in making some of the toughest ground cover tarps on the market. Whether you intend to put your tarp to use at the scene of a fire to protect your drop tank, or in the rugged outdoors to protect the bottom of your tent, you can be sure that your Husky ground cover will come through for you.

Fully Customizable to meet your needs

From custom sizing, to custom lableing and lettering, Husky can make your ground cover to your exact specifications. Need to be able to find your cover in the dark? Ask about adding our Reflective Edge lining to your ground cover! Need your ground cover to fit perfectly under your tent, or want to make sure that the grommets line up with the peg holes? Just let us know! If you have a custom product request, we are here to meet your challenge and can design and build what you may require.  Get a Quote on your custom ground cover today!

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Available in a Variety of Materials and Colors

Our ground Covers are available in a wide array of colors and materials to choose from. We offer Vinyl ground covers in red, yellow, blue, orange, green, white, and black. Ground covers also come in natural canvas, and our patented EXLON material. Check out the Specs tab for a full list of materials and colors!





Husky® Ground Covers or underlayments for Containment Berms and Pillow Tanks are available in several different materials, from a lightweight economical 16 mil. PVC up to a 50 mil. urethane. We have non-woven geotextiles to offer as well. Whatever suits your application best, we can supply it. All Husky® Ground Covers measure at least two feet bigger in length and width than the footprint of the product it will be sold for.

  1. Triple reinforced hem
  2. Double-stitched hem
  3. #4 solid brass grommets in each corner
  4. “Rip Stop” base fabric
  5. NFPA 701 certified
  6. High UV resistance
  7. Special labeling available
  8. These covers last!

Available Materials and Colors

  1. Vinyls: 10 oz, 18 oz, 30 oz, 40 oz.

    Colors Available:
    10 oz - 22 oz: Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, White, and Black
    18 oz - 22 oz: Lime Green
    30 oz: Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Black
    40 oz: Orange and Black
  2. EXLON: 22 oz.: Red and Yellow
  3. OD Canvas: 12 oz.: Olive Drab
  4. Natural Canvas: 12 oz.: Off White and White (This canvas is untreated.)

Standard Sizes

  1. 9ft x 12ft
  2. 12ft x 12ft
  3. 12ft x 14ft
  4. 12ft x 18ft
  5. 14ft x 18ft
  6. 16ft x 16ft
  7. 20ft x 20ft
  1. Husky®-Tough Liners

    Husky® Portable Containment is proud to introduce the new EXLON® folding frame tank liner material, which has been designed to replace DuPont's discontinued Hypalon liner material. EXLON® was designed with UV resistance, heat resistance, abrasion, puncture resistance, and excellent cold cracking qualities in mind allowing Husky® to offer the best folding tank liner material on the market. EXLON® has incredible strength as well; it can be used in tanks up to 10,000-gallon capacity. EXLON® comes with a ten-year warranty against UV and weather elements.

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    Vinyl liners come in 10 oz., 18 oz., 22 oz., or 30 oz. Vinyl liners are available in Red, yellow, blue, orange, black, green, gray, and lime green (22 oz. vinyl only). 30 oz. not available in gray or green.

  2. Customize Product

    Husky® Portable Containment continually strives to meet our customers' needs. If you have a custom product request we are here to meet your challenge and can design and build what you may require. We don't limit ourselves to "standard" products. With our vast associations in the manufacturing industry, we can locate any type of material, fitting, valve, etc. required for your order. Custom orders generally have a quick turnaround and we can expedite your order if it is required.

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"You are amazing!!! In fact, everyone that I have dealt with at your company is top notch and has such great customer service. You guys are a step above most organizations!!"

- Hope

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