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Drag Racing Pit Mats

Create your Perfect Pit Mat

Husky Pit Mats are made from high-quality, heavy-duty PVC that is fire resistant, stands up to weather changes and has great abrasion and puncture resistance. We offer our pit mats with one color, two colors, or multiple colors. Our two-color mats are often made with a 12” border around the perimeter using a different color. They can also be sectioned in two halves using two different colors. Our mats have #4 solid brass grommets in each corner and every ten feet down the side.

We can also add your team logo! The logos will be approx. 8” x 11” and will be welded in the two corners on each end. 

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Standard Sizing:

10’ x 20’, 10’ x 30’, 20’ x 20’, 20’ x 30’ and 20’ x 40’

Standard Colors:

Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Gray, White

Make it Yours:

This product is fully customizable!

Fully Customizable pit Mats

Husky will build your mat to your specifications, in any size and any configuration! Custom colors to match your team brand are also available upon request. Additional charges may apply. If you're looking for a company that can custom make your pit mat exclusively for you, Husky has you covered!

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Durable and Made to Last

Husky is well known for using high quality heavy duty materials that can stand up to the toughest jobs. Our pit mats are no exception, and are fire resistant, weather resistant, as well as abraision and puncture resistant. If  your pit mat is ever damaged, it can be repaired on site! Just ask for a Husky Repair Kit.

NOTE: Please remove all debris in the area of the Pit Mats location before setting up. Sweeping any rocks or sticks will preserve your Mat for years.




  1. Fire resistant
  2. Weather resistant
  3. Abraision and puncture resistant
  4. Fully customizable
  5. Can be made with one color, two colors, or multiple colors

Standard Sizes:

  1. 10’ x 20’
  2. 10’ x 30’
  3. 20’ x 20’
  4. 20’ x 30’
  5. 20’ x 40’

Standard Colors:

  1. black
  2. blue
  3. red
  4. yellow
  5. green
  6. orange
  7. gray
  8. white

Other Specs

  1. #4 solid brass grommets in each corner and every ten feet down the side
  1. Quick Fix Field Repair Kits

    Husky® “Quick Fix” Field Repair Kits are designed for emergency field repairs and can immediately repair small holes, rips, or tears in vinyl or EXLON®. There is no gluing necessary—just peel and stick to the damaged area and keep your tank in the game.

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"You are amazing!!! In fact, everyone that I have dealt with at your company is top notch and has such great customer service. You guys are a step above most organizations!!"

- Hope

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