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Secondary Spill Containment Berms

Husky® Secondary Spill Containment Berms protect the environment from spills and leaks. Husky® offers a full line of secondary containment berms for all your spill containment needs, including durable and long lasting drve-over models, and rigid framed aluminum angle berms. From the Heavy Duty Super Berm to our Spill Containment TraysHusky® has a product for you.

Heavy Duty Super Berm

Husky's Super Berm is extra durable, for the toughest jobs.

Husky® patented "Super Berm" Floor is the most revolutionary super heavy-duty berm to be offered in the secondary containment market with high and heavy traffic at the forefront of the design. The Super Berm is a true drive-through model berm with a multi-layered floor that will stand up to extreme conditions. 

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Self-Rising Drive-Through Berms - Freedom III

Husky's Freedom Series III Self-Rising Drive-Through Berms are a unique one piece construction with self rising foam end and side walls.

Husky® Drive-Through Freedom Series III Self-Rising Berms are a unique, one-piece construction with self-rising foam end and sidewalls. Sidewalls rise with the level of liquid entering the berm. Set up time is as quick as you can unfold it. This berm can be driven over from any angle without risking damage to the side or end walls. 

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Aluminum Angle Bracket Berms

Husky® Patriot Series Heavy Duty Aluminum Angel Berm

Husky® Freedom Series IV drive through berms and Patriot Series standard berms feature aluminum angle sidewalls. Husky® Aluminum Angle Berms are easy to use with minimal set-up time. 

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Foam Wall Berms

Husky® Liberty Berms are designed with lightweight handling in mind

Husky® Foam Wall Berms are designed for long life and less maintenance. They are very simple to use and set up is minimal. 

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Spill Containment Trays (Mini Basins)

Husky® economical mini basin, or spill containment trays, are great for smaller containment issues.

Husky® Spill Containment Trays are great for smaller containment issues. Keep the environment clean by using our economical Mini Basins for small gas-powered equipment, small containers of fuel, oils, solvents, paints, and chemicals. 

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