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Helicopter Water Tanks

Husky® Helicopter Tanks are water shuttle tanks designed to be transported by helicopter and set down into forestry areas for a water supply for the firefighters whether in remote areas or not.

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  1. Husky® Helicopter Tanks are precisely built with top quality, high-grade materials. Each tank is tested and approved before shipping.
  2. Husky® 72-gallon and 134-gallon Helicopter Tanks are designed in a tetrahedron shape for excellent stability when being transported or just sitting on the ground.
  3. The 240 and 360-gallon models are built with a round base and top and taper from bottom to top. Standard fittings are one 4" fill port and one 2" PVC flange and ball valve. Available in gray water or potable water models.
  4. Husky® Helicopter Water Tanks come standard with a 4" fill port that allows quick filling and access to the inside of the tank and a 3/4' flanged outlet. The two smaller sizes come with a heavy-duty 1" reinforced hose with a durable spigot.
  5. The standard material for Husky® Helicopter Water Tanks is a heavy-duty 40 oz. reinforced PVC. They are also available in a potable NSF 61-approved material, which is great for filling backpacks or for drinking water.
  6. Can be transported by helicopter or truck
  7. Heavy duty harness can be tied off to a tree to keep from rolling on steep slopes
  8. Repairable with field repair kit (Optional)
  9. Great for filling backpacks or for drinking water (Potable model)

Husky® Portable Containment offers a lifetime warranty on all welds
Lifetime Warranty on all Welds and Welded Seams

Husky® Portable Containment was the first portable tank company in the fire equipment industry to offer a lifetime warranty on all welds and welded seams on Husky® firefighting products.

Quality is not just a word at Husky®, it is the foundation on which we build our business. We want you to know that when you buy a Husky® Portable Tank, you are purchasing a product that is built to last a lifetime. Husky® will repair or replace any tank if a seam or weld comes apart or breaks. You can feel secure and safe with your portable tanks. Put a Husky® on your team today!

Read the Husky® full product warranty for more information.

  1. Heavy duty 40 oz. reinforced PVC construction
  2. Available in “Potable” NSF 61 approved material for drinking water
  3. 72 gal, 134 gal, 240 gal, and 360 gal models
  4. 4" fill port allows quick filling and access to the inside of the tank if needed
  5. 3/4" flanged outlet
  6. Heavy duty 1" reinforced hose with a durable spigot attached
  7. 240- & 360-gallon models (pictured) come standard with 2" NPT Female Rigid Flanges and one Ball Valve
Capacity Filled Dimensions Folded Dimensions Empty Weight Full Weight
72 Gallon 45" w. x 45" d. x 40" h. 20" x 20" x 5" 10 lbs. 610 lbs.
134 Gallon 53" w. x 53" d. x 44" h. 24" x 24" x 5" 12 lbs. 1130 lbs.
Capacity Filled Dimensions Folded Dimensions Empty Weight Full Weight
240 gal. Base Dia. – 4' 6" 28" x 28" x 8" 30 lbs. 2030 lbs.
Top Dia. – 2' 6"
Height – 42"
360 gal. Base Dia. – 5' 3" 32" x 32" x 10" 37 lbs. 3040 lbs.
Top Dia. – 3' 3"
Height – 42"
  1. Customize Product

    Husky® Portable Containment continually strives to meet our customers' needs. If you have a custom product request we are here to meet your challenge and can design and build what you may require. We don't limit ourselves to "standard" products. With our vast associations in the manufacturing industry, we can locate any type of material, fitting, valve, etc. required for your order. Custom orders generally have a quick turnaround and we can expedite your order if it is required.

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  1. Quick Fix Field Repair Kits

    Husky® “Quick Fix” Field Repair Kits are designed for emergency field repairs and can immediately repair small holes, rips, or tears in vinyl or EXLON®. There is no gluing necessary—just peel and stick to the damaged area and keep your tank in the game.

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  2. Standard Field Repair Kits

    Husky® “Standard” Field Repair Kits are the best solution to repair holes, rips, or tears in vinyl or EXLON®. Each kit comes complete with PVC cement, one pair of scissors, approximately 9 sq ft of PVC material, a seam roller, instructions, and a carrying pouch.

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"You are amazing!!! In fact, everyone that I have dealt with at your company is top notch and has such great customer service. You guys are a step above most organizations!!"

- Hope

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