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These items are sold individually or as accessories to Husky® Products. Click on the product name for a more complete description.


Husky® Strainers

Husky® Strainers will meet or exceed the flow rates of any other strainers on the market. 

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Supply Line Brackets

Husky® Supply Line Brackets

Husky® Supply Line Brackets are the perfect solution when manpower is at a minimum. Just clamp the Husky® Supply Line Bracket to your Folding Frame Tank or AQUA Tank, connect your supply line and let the water run. 

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Hard Suction Hose Stands

Husky® Hose Stands

Husky® Hose Stands allow you to place your suction hose in the “saddle” of the stand to eliminate any collapsing of the side of Self Supporting Tanks

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Portable Tank Rack

Husky® Portable Containment Folding Frame Tank Rack

Husky® Folding Frame Tank Racks are stainless steel or aluminum, portable, and come with a manual release mechanism. These lightweight sturdy racks are designed for easy installation. 

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Drain Tube Clamp

Husky® Drain Clamps

Husky® Drain Clamps work in unison with Husky® Drain Connectors. They are designed for clamping the 10” drain in your Folding Frame Tank liner to shut off the supply of water from one tank to the other.  

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Drain Connector

Husky® Drain Connectors

Husky® Drain Connectors are built from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum. They are designed for connecting two or more Folding Frame Tanks together. They are easy to use, with the least amount of parts to fool with. 

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Quick Fix Field Repair Kits

Husky® “Quick Fix” Field Repair Kits

Husky® “Quick Fix” Field Repair Kits are designed for emergency field repairs and can immediately repair small holes, rips, or tears in vinyl or EXLON®

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Standard Fix Field Repair Kits

Husky® “Standard” Field Repair Kits

Husky® “Standard Fix” Field Repair Kits are the best solution to repair holes, rips, or tears in vinyl or EXLON®. Each kit comes complete with PVC cement, one pair of scissors, approximately 9 sq .ft. of PVC material, a seam roller, instructions, and a carrying pouch. 

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90 Degree Elbow

Husky 90 Degree Elbow

Husky® all aluminum 90 Degree Elbow works great with the Skinny™ Tank and Leading Edge™ Tank. The elbows allow you to run a hard suction hose to your Folding Frame Tank without having it take up needed space in the road you are set upon. 

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Ground Tarp

Husky Ground Cover Tarps

Husky® Ground Covers are designed to spread on the ground before you set up a tank or berm. They protect the bottom of the tank or berm from all types of terrain. 

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Top Covers

Husky® Top Covers

Husky® Top Covers are designed to keep the outside elements from contaminating the stored liquid in your Folding Frame Tank or Self-Supporting Tank

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Hose Bed Covers

Hose Bed Cover

Husky® Hose Bed Covers are perfect for keeping your hose off the highway and protected and are made to your specifications. 

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Cross Lay Covers

Husky® Cross Lay Covers

Husky® Cross Lay Covers are built to last. We offer different materials such as Vinyl, EXLON®, and Heavy Duty Webbing. Hardware options include turn buttons, hook, and loop, lift the dot fasteners, grommets, and buckles. 

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Husky Portable Containment offers many types of fire hose that are built with durability, flexibility, and weight savings at the forefront. 

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