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AQUA Tanks (Aluminum Quick Assemble)

The Husky® Aluminum Quick Assemble AQUA Tank gives you the best of both worlds—a rigid frame AND portability. The AQUA Tank snaps together quickly and fits into its own storage bag for easy handling and compact storage.

Aqua Tank Type 1

Husky® Aqua Tank Type I

Husky® Aqua Tank Type I are built square with only a top rail for easier setup and lighter weight. 

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Aqua Tank Type 2

Husky Aluminum Quick Assemble Type II

Husky® Aqua Tank Type II is built in a hexagon, 500, and 1000 gallon tanks, and 1500 to 3000’s are built as an octagon. 

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Aqua Tank Type 3

Husky® Aqua Tank Type III

Husky® Aqua Tank Type III is an all-aluminum slip together type frame. There are corner posts and uprights every 6 – 8 feet. The uprights are designed with structural outboard supports which allow these tanks to be built up to 4 feet in height and have an unlimited capacity. 

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