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Husky® Easy Lift Handles Make Tear-Down Quick and Easy

Here at Husky® Portable Containment, we work hard — and we know you do, too. Husky® Easy Lift Handles* (US Patent No. 8,746,478 and US Patent 10,518,967) make your job easier. With our heavy-duty handles RF Welded to the floor of our folding tanks, tank tear-down not only takes less effort, but also saves valuable time and man-power. The Easy Lift Handle invention has the handles on the floor of the tank for a reason, to help fold the liner and to remove standing water. Husky® patented handles give you a big helping hand when folding your liner up in the frame to be stored. They also help tremendously with removing standing water. You can be assured that Husky® Easy Lift Handles are made with the same attention to quality and durability that makes Husky® famous. All of Husky® Folding Frame Tanks come equipped standard with Easy Lift Handles, another way we offer the best value available in a portable folding frame tank.


David Hatfield

"I used dump tanks prior to my retirement as Fire Chief. We had a problem when we were picking up the fire scenes. Trying to grip or pinch the bottom of the tanks and to completely drain the water out was extremely difficult. Your fingers would slip on the wet vinyl. Since then Husky® came out with the Easy Lift Handles which helps with folding and draining. It is one of the best innovations for drop tanks that I have come across."

Perry Fire Department Retired Fire Chief

Gary Smith

"We've used drop tanks in our department for years and have always had problems getting the water out and folding the tanks up. We've always sent the rookie underneath the tank to get the water out. Since Husky®'s invention of the Easy Lift Handles, getting water out and folding the tank has been much easier."

Oglesby Volunteer Fireman

Steve Franetovich

"The handles in the portable tank liners are one of the most innovative things I have seen in the fire service. As you know, the liners get slippery when wet and having the handles to grab onto makes emptying the tank so much easier. Folding the portable tank can also be difficult because the liner needs to be folded up with the frame. The handles greatly simplify this operation."

Earsboro Fireman

Tommie Gervais

"Please continue the wonderful quality of workmanship! Your style and design of handles and pinch-free folding frame design puts your company above most in the business of making fire fighter's lives a little easier! Husky® stands above most in quality and continues new ideas to better the market for safety and quality!"


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