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The Reflective Edge®

Never struggle to see your tank

Never struggle to see your Tank or Tarps at night again! The Reflective Edge® is an optional strip of reflective material sewn to the top of Husky® Folding Frame Tanks, Self Supporting Tanks, and the outer edge of our Tarps that helps firefighters see them more easily at night. When any light is shining its way, The Reflective Edge® acts just like reflective lettering and become very visible. Tanks and Tarps easily disappear at night and in the heat of the moment, drivers have accidentally backed into their tank destroying it. Help your driver and save your tank by using The Reflective Edge® by Husky®!

Add the Reflective Edge to any tank, tarp, or mat

The Reflective Edge® can be added to both vinyl and Exlon® Liners and is available for all liner sizes we offer including the PRO500®, Skinny® Tank, and Leading Edge® Tank. It is also available for our Self Supporting Tanks. We can even add it to your Salvage CoversStaging Mats, RIT Tarps, Triage Tarps, or just about anything we build.

The Reflective Edge® can be installed on your existing Husky® liner but it will have to be shipped to our factory for the installation.

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