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Husky® Portable Containment - Specialty Items

One of Husky’s® enjoyments are our special products we build. Below is a list of some of the projects we have embarked on and fully enjoyed being a part of.

Husky Portable Container used as a baptism pool

Wash tank specially created by Husky Portable Containers

Cabela's kayak store is using a Husky custom tank to test drive kayaks.

Girls looking at fish in a Husky portable tank

  • Portable baptismal folding frame tanks. These are used as a traveling baptism tank and we are proud to help.
  • Wash tanks with special low sidewall for pressure spraying equipment.
  • Fish holding tanks. Our folding frame tanks have been used as mini fishing ponds for children to possibly catch their first fish.
  • Carnival dunk tanks. Our folding tank liners have been used for the purpose of holding water for an unlucky individual to fall into.
  • Rain water holding tanks for a movie set. Yes, Hollywood has called. These tanks are used to store water for the right moment when a rain storm is needed on set and they pump the water out of the Husky® tank.
  • Blood-filled Bladder Tanks (fake blood that is). Yes, Hollywood has called again. These bladders were used to hold a red liquid to simulate blood. We designed a special drain and at the right moment the drain was opened and blood spilled down all over the victims—gruesome. Remember Carrie?
  • Celebrities in California use our folding frame tanks for personal water supplies to fight their own fires.
  • Berms for NASCAR champagne celebrations.

These are a few of our specialty projects and we look forward to many more to come.

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