Emergency Equipment Staging Mats

Husky's Emergency Equipment Staging Mat

A Husky Small Scene Emergency Equipment Staging Mat.

A Husky RIT Staging Mat with reflective edge.

A Set of Husky Triage Tarps.

Ribbed SCBA Tarp

Husky® Emergency Equipment Staging (EES) Mats are designed with three sections, one section is for airpacks and has ribbing installed standard, the center section is for rescue tools and the third section is a “RIT” tarp. These can be used as one complete mat or as separates. All full/empty and staging mats are built with heavy duty 18 oz. pvc.

Husky® also manufacturers SCBA “Full/Empty” Staging Mats with or without ribbing. The ribbing when specified comes on the tarp approximately 8-9" apart and prevents your airpacks from rolling off the mat. One side is green and stenciled “FULL” the other side is red and is stenciled “EMPTY.”

Our RIT Tarp is a 10' x 10' tarp that has each corner clearly marked "RIT".

Available with The Reflective Edge™

Custom Staging Mats and Triage Tarp Kits are also available.

Standard Sizes

Part No. Product
EESM-SS Small Scene
6' x 10'
EESM-LS Large Scene
10' x 12'
SCBA Tarp 10' x 10'
SCBA Tarp 10' x 10'
SCBA Tarp 6' x 10'
SCBA Tarp 6' x 10'
RIT-1010 RIT Tarp 10' x 10'


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