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Husky®’s New PATENT PENDING Leading Edge Tank

  May 04, 2013
Leading Edged Tank Fully Opened

Before (fully open)

Leading Edged Tank Folded (skinny tank)

After (Skinny™ Tank)

Husky®’s new Leading Edge™ Tank (Patent Pending) is the multipurpose tank of the future. The Leading Edge Tank™ Tank (Patent Pending) is built as a standard folding frame tank in size that can be transformed into a Skinny™ Tank. We have designed a new frame that will allow you to take any size folding frame tank and partially fold one side creating a narrower tank that gives more options for set-up including back roads, which will allow traffic to pass without driving in the ditch. The good news is there is no assembly! It works just like a standard folding frame tank, but folds one more time and only takes seconds. If you do not need the narrow-style tank, keep it as a full-size folding frame tank. The great news is it fits into your existing portable tank rack and no need for a special truck to transport the Leading Edge™ Tank (Patent Pending). You get the best of both tanks in one easy-to-use tank.