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Quick Release Drain Tube

At Husky®, we are always searching for the best way to improve our already awesome products. Our latest innovation is with our drain tubes. We have changed our folding frame tank drain tube buckle from a USA-made plastic buckle to a stainless steel buckle that is much stronger and easier to use. This buckle has great holding power and is virtually unbreakable.

Husky drain sleeves are now available in 14" diameter and 18" diameter for quicker draining. If you purchase two Husky Folding Frame Tanks for the purpose of connecting them we can build a 14" or 18" drain connector.

How to Use

Just press and hold the buckle tab for approximately 1 second, and the drain automatically falls and drains your tank. Watch the video below to see just how easy it is. To reattach the drain, drape the drain tube over the frame to the inside of the tank and slide the high-quality webbing through the stainless steel buckle and pull. There should be approximately two to three inches of the drain tube hanging over the frame on the inside of the tank.

Drain Tube Option

Husky drain tubes can also be mounted on the inside of the tank. For this option, the drain tube drapes over the frame to the outside of the tank. This must be specified when ordering because the standard method is mounted on the outside of the tank.

See it in action!

See how easy it is to reattach!