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Washdown Containment Berms

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Foam Wall Berms - Eagle Series I

Foam wall Berm being used to catch drips or leaks

  • Drive in / drive out without risking damage to foam walls
  • Tread pads available
  • Can be manufactured to meet any size specifications or requirements

Contain minor drips and small capacity tanks with Husky® Low Profile Foam Berms! Husky® foam wall berms are designed for long life and less maintenance. They are very simple to use and set up is minimal, making the Husky® foam wall berms a convenient way to meet environmental regulations.

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Continuous Air Chamber Berms - Eagle Series II

Continuous Air Chamber Berms from Husky Portable Conatainment

  • Drive through, in and out
  • Continuous air wall construction
  • Straps in the corners and every 10' down the sides
  • Easy set up and storage

Husky® Air Wall Berms have a continuous air chamber that allows the air to disperse throughout the chamber when driving in and out of the berm. This design, along with the pressure relief valve, eliminates any blowouts.