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Track Belting

Husky® Track Belting is an accessory for Husky® Drive-Through Berms. They give additional strength to the floor of your berm and protect it in traffic areas. They are positioned inside the berm where your vehicle's tires will be tracking on the berm.

Husky® Heavy Duty Track Belting is the best protection for your berm on the market. It is made from 120# non-slip belting material that is purchased as loose pieces, two per berm. It comes in 3’ wide to 6’ wide pieces and is pre-cut to the length of your berm. This product gives extreme protection to your berm floor in the track vehicle areas. It rolls up easily for storing.




  1. 22 oz. heavy-duty PVC
  2. 125 mil. 120# non slip belting material
  3. Loose pieces, two per berm
  4. 3’ wide to 6’ wide pieces, 1/8" thick, precut to the length of your berm
  5. Extreme protection to your berm floor in the track vehicle areas
  6. Easily rolls up for storing
  1. Customize Product

    Husky® Portable Containment continually strives to meet our customers' needs. If you have a custom product request we are here to meet your challenge and can design and build what you may require. We don't limit ourselves to "standard" products. With our vast associations in the manufacturing industry we can locate any type of material, fitting, valve, etc. required for your order. Custom orders generally have a quick turnaround and we can expedite your order if it is required.

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