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Husky Flexible Frac Tanks

Husky Portable, Flexible Frac Tank or bladder tank.

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Flexible Frac Tanks are very versatile and efficient

Husky's® flexible portable pillow tanks, also known as frac tanks, are tanks used to transport and store water for the purpose of hydraulic fracturing. The water in the frac tank is piped to the pump, which pumps the water at a high pressure down the well.

Frac tanks come in steel and flexible varieties. Flexible, portable, or pillow tanks can be used for many industrial pumping, commercial and oilfield fracking operations. These flexible frac tanks present a more efficient and economical alternative to steel tanks. Flexible frac tanks have many applications in the oil field, with capabilities of storing large amounts of water, brine, and oil.

Available in XR and Urethane Materials

Husky Portable Containment can manufacture flexible frac tanks to a variety of sizes and specifications. Our flexible frac tanks are available in XR and urethane materials.

Why are Flexible Frac Tanks better than Steel Frac Tanks?

  • Much higher storage capacities than steel ( 50,000 gallon pillow tank can store over 1,100 barrels)
  • Extremely economical at less than half the cost of steel
  • Faster set-up than several steel tanks
  • 50% better heat retention than steel
  • Can operate at extreme temperatures (-50 below to 180 degrees)
  • Minimal trucking cost with no permits required and multiple tanks can be on one truck
  • Lower fuel emissions because of fewer trucks needed to transport

Custom Manufacturing and Unprecedented Warranties

Husky’s® custom manufacturing process allows us to build a variety of sizes and specifications.

Husky® takes pride in our craftsmanship and back our products with an unprecedented 3-year manufacturer warranty on all welds and welded seams.

Husky® has a wide array of fittings to offer for your portable tanks, bladder tanks, etc. We use only the highest quality fittings available, from Banjo polypropylene fittings, top of the line brass and stainless steel ball valves, to our exclusive line of 6061-T6 aluminum fittings.

Hydraulic Fracturing uses water to help extract minerals from the earth

Fluid reservoirs, including oil, natural gas, and water sometimes occur in formations with low permeability, like shale, coal, or other non-porous rocks. To extract fluids from such reservoirs, the technique of hydraulic fracturing is often used.

During hydraulic fracturing, high-pressured water from a frac tank and a proppant (sand or another grainy material) is pumped down the well bore. The pressure from the water causes the formation to crack, and the proppant holds the tiny cracks open, allowing the oil or other fluid to be extracted.

Hydraulic fracturing is also used for other purposes, such as:

  • Stimulating groundwater wells
  • Mining
  • Recovering spilled contaminants
  • Measuring stress in the earth