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Hard Suction Hose Stands

Husky® Portable Containment offers Hard Suction Hose Stands for use with Husky® Self Supporting Tanks. With the weight of some of the old-style hard suction hoses, it is possible to temporarily partially collapse the floatation collar of the self-supporting tanks. Husky® Hose Stands allow you to place your suction hose in the “saddle” of the stand to eliminate any collapsing of the side of the tank. Husky® Hose Stands are fully adjustable.

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  1. Aluminum and lightweight steel construction
  2. Can be used inside or outside of the tank
  3. Opens in one motion, no pins or snaps
  4. Locks in one turn
  5. Easily stored
Husky® Portable Containment offers a 3-year warranty on all welds
3 Year Warranty on all Welds and Welded Seams

Husky® Portable Containment offers a 3-year warranty on environmental product welds and welded seams.

Quality is not just a word at Husky®, it is the foundation on which we build our business. We want you to know that when you buy a Husky® Portable Tank, you are purchasing a product that is built to last a lifetime. Husky® will repair or replace any tank if a seam or weld comes apart or breaks. You can feel secure and safe with your portable tanks. Put a Husky® on your team today!

Read the Husky® full product warranty for more information.

  1. Aluminum and lightweight steel construction
  2. Adjustable height ranging from 26" – 42"
  3. Base size deployed, 17" x 17"
  4. Collapsed size 17" x 3" x 30"
  5. 13 lbs. total weight
  1. Customize Product

    Husky® Portable Containment continually strives to meet our customers' needs. If you have a custom product request we are here to meet your challenge and can design and build what you may require. We don't limit ourselves to "standard" products. With our vast associations in the manufacturing industry, we can locate any type of material, fitting, valve, etc. required for your order. Custom orders generally have a quick turnaround and we can expedite your order if it is required.

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