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Portable Tank Rack

Husky's Portable Tank Rack.

Husky® Portable Tank Rack on an El Dorado County Fire Protection District Truck

Husky® Portable Tank Rack on an Eden Fellowship Fire Department Truck

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Husky® Portable Containment has become a leader in Folding Frame Tanks, so it makes sense for us to manufacture Folding Frame Tank Racks. We are now producing all stainless steel portable tank racks with a manual release mechanism. These lightweight sturdy racks are designed for easy installation. On a standard size rack (1500 – 3000) there are three hinged feet with four bolts each and there are two locking points, one on each side that will require two screws each. Installation can literally take only minutes. Send us pictures of your tanker and we will design a portable tank rack for you.

  • All stainless steel construction
  • All welds are Tig welded
  • Diamond plate wind breaks are optional (contact us for details)
  • Easy to get tanks in and out of rack
  • Rubber padding to protect your tanker
  • All standard sizes
  • Custom sizes available, shorter, longer, taller, deeper
  • Optional painting to match truck
  • Easy installation

Standard Sizes

Tank Size Standard Dimensions Weight
1000 Gal. 104" x 12" x 32" 54 lbs.
1500 Gal. 128" x 12" x 32" 59 lbs.
2100 Gal. 140" x 12" x 32" 62 lbs.
2500 Gal. 152" x 12" x 32" 64 lbs.
3000 Gal. 164" x 12" x 32" 67 lbs.
3500 Gal. 176" x 12" x 32" 70 lbs.
4000 Gal. 188" x 12" x 32" 79 lbs.
5000 Gal. 200" x 12" x 32" 83 lbs.

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