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Aluminum Angle Bracket Berms

Husky® Freedom Series IV drive through berms and Patriot Series standard berms feature aluminum angle side walls. Husky® Aluminum Angle Berms are easy to use with minimal set-up time.

Aluminum Angle Drive-Through Berms - Freedom IV

Husky's Freedom Series IV Aluminum Angle Berm

Husky® Drive-Through Freedom Series IV Aluminum Angle Berms are designed with aluminum angle side walls and self-rising foam end walls. End walls can be driven over repeatedly with no damage. 

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Heavy Duty Aluminum Angle Berms - Patriot Series

Husky® Patriot Series Heavy Duty Aluminum Angel Berm

Husky® Aluminum Angle Berms are easy to use with minimal setup time. The benefit to Husky® Angle Berms is by having separate aluminum angle pieces the berm liner itself is lighter to handle. This means less manpower to handle the same size berm in a one-piece construction.

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