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Secondary Spill Containment Berms

HUSKY® Secondary Spill Containment Berms protect the environment from spills and leaks. Whether you need the convenience of a Drive-Through Berm or the long-term stability of a Standard Berm, Husky® has the berm for you.

Husky® offers a full line of secondary containment berms which includes our original drive-through berms or “Freedom Berms,” and standard aluminum angle berms or “Patriot Berms.”

Husky's® unmatched 3-year warranty on the manufacturing process of our containment berms and lifetime warranty on portable water tanks makes them the safest buy on the market today. Our quality control team has a rigorous routine when inspecting products ready to be shipped. We inspect all seams as they are being welded. And do a final inspection of each berm set up and ready for use. Checking the packaging of a containment berm is also part of Husky's® quality control program. Feel confident you are getting a quality product—put a Husky® on your team today!

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Drive-Through Berms

 Aluminum Angle berm

Husky's® Drive-Through Freedom Berms are the perfect secondary containment solution when ease of operation is essential. No need to get out of your vehicle and break down walls to enter your berm. Just drive over the foam wall ends. The foam we use is a very high quality resilient foam and can be driven over repeatedly with no damage to the foam.

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Standard Berms

Our Aluminum Angle Patriot Berms are the perfect solution to your long-term secondary containment needs.

HUSKY® Standard Berms include our Aluminum Angle Berms or Patriot Berms. This berm is designed for long-term secondary containment. If you have tanker trucks, chemical tanks, transformers, etc. that sit for long periods of time, these berms are the perfect solution. We also offer Bladder Berms as a secondary containment option for Bladder Tanks made for hazardous materials, such as fuel or chemicals.