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Spill Containment and Environmental Protection Products

Husky Portable Containment environmental and spill containment products

Husky is dedicated to providing our customers with the very best and highest quality waste water containment and spill containment products in the industry, because we know the importance of having products you can trust to protect your team, your facility, and the environment. We have a great selection of Secondary Containment and Washdown Containment Berms—the perfect solution to your waste water containment needs. Don't forget to check out our Containment Pools, Decontamination Pools, Water Dikes, Bladder Tanks, Frac Tanks and more. And if we don't have the product you're looking for, we'll custom manufacture any product just the way you need it!

Learn more about Husky's spill berms Spill Containment Berms

Spill Berms

Husky's portable spill containment berms are durable and easy to use

Whether you are looking for a drive-through or a washdown containment berm, you can be assured that when you order a Husky® Portable Containment berm, you are getting the easiest to use, most durable product with unparalleled innovations and features. We offer a full line of berms, including our easy-to-use Liberty Berm and our Aluminum Angle Patriot Series, as well as drive-through berms available in Air Wall, Self Rising and Aluminum Angle. You can even custom order your own Husky® Portable Containment Berm to meet your exact needs.

Learn more about Husky's Frac Tanks

Frac Tanks

Husky's Flexible Frac Tanks are cheaper and store more product than steel barrels

  • Much higher storage capacities than steel (50,000 gallon pillow tank can store over 1,100 barrels)
  • Extremely economical at less than half the cost of steel
  • Minimal trucking cost with no permits required and multiple tanks can be on one truck

Husky's® flexible portable pillow tanks can be used for many industrial pumping, commercial and oilfield fracking operations.  These tanks present a more efficient and economical alternative to steel tanks.  Husky® Frac tanks have many applications in the oil field with capabilities of storing large amounts of water, brine, and oil.

Learn more about Husky's pillow tanks

Bladder Tanks

Husky's Bladder or Pillow tanks come in all shapes and sizes, making them a great solution to a variety of  liquid storage and containment needs

  • Come in a variety of sizes, 25 gallon to 50,000 gallon
  • Materials: 22 oz., 30 oz., PVC, all XR materials, all urethanes including MIL spec
  • NSF 61 (potable for drinking water), food grade (wines, juices, vegetable oils, molasses, etc.), gray water, black water, diesel fuel, jet fuel, gasoline, chemicals

Husky's® bladder tanks range in size from 25 to 50,000 gallons and are the perfect answer to all your liquid storage and containment needs, as well as water transportation. All Husky® bladder tanks are air pressure tested before shipping, are easy to handle, and fold down for compact, easy storage.

Learn more about Husky's fuel bladder tanks

Fuel Bladder Tanks

A Husky Fuel Bladder Tank comes with an attached hose line and gas nozzle

  • 3/4” Outlet (ball valve) up to 4”
  • Can install any type and size of fittings that may be required
  • Pressure relief valve (if required)
  • Reinforced flange areas
  • Heavy-duty D-rings for securing the bladder

Husky® Fuel Bladders can be used for many applications. From boat bladders for long deep sea excursions, to agricultural fuel storage, to large quantity industrial fuel storage, Husky can meet your fuel storage needs.

Learn more about Husky's Chemical and Wastewater Storage Tanks

Chemical or Wastewater Storage Tanks

Husky's Chemical or Wastewater Storage tanks come in a variety of sizes, and are a great solution for storing recovered water or waste chemicals.

  • Sizes starting at 25 gal capacity
  • 30 oz per square yard acrylic-coated PVC
  • Any type of fittings available
  • Great for storing and transporting recovered water or chemical waste
  • Storage bag included
  • Husky can design & build decon pools to meet any requirements. Call us today for a quote at 800-260-9950

Our Chemical or Wastewater Storage Tanks are a great solution for storing recovered water or waste chemicals. Available in sizes ranging from 25 gallons up, Husky® Portable Containment can make a Chemical or Wastewater Storage Tank to meet your needs.

Learn more about Husky's Decontamination Pools

Decontamination Pools

Husky offers a variety of Decontamination Pools for any application

Husky® Decontamination Pools easy to use, portable and built to last. All Husky® Decontamination Pools are a one-piece construction with no assembly. All Husky® Decontamination Pools come standard with 22 oz. pvc. Many other materials are available to meet your requirements. Husky® Decontamination Pools can be built to any size requirements – call for more information.

Learn more about Husky's Mini Basins

Mini Basins

Husky's Mini Basins are the perfect solution for smaller or light-duty containment issues.

  • Great for small, light-duty secondary containment
  • Spill or drip berms
  • Folds to compact size
  • Heavy-duty PVC
  • One piece construction

Husky's® new economical mini basins are great for smaller containment issues. Keep the environment clean by using our mini basins for small gas-powered equipment, small containers of fuel, oils, solvents, paints and chemicals.

Learn more about Husky's Containment Pool

Containment Pools

Husky Containment Pool

  • Sizes range from 25 – 500 gallons
  • Heavy-duty 18 oz or 22 oz pvc coated vinyl
  • Available in 22 oz. pvc and XR-5
  • Floatation collar allows for self-rising sides
  • Sets up in seconds

Husky's® Portable Containment Pools are ideal for small spills and leaks. Store on your truck or emergency response vehicle. Very easy to use and economical!

Learn more about Husky's Drain Covers

Drain Covers

Husky Drain Covers come in a variety of sizes, to protect any kind of drain opening from hazardous runoff.

  • Materials: 18, 22, 30 oz. PVC, 40 oz. urethane
  • Fills with water
  • Easy to use fill/closure valve
  • Sizes: 2’x2’, 3’x3’, 4’x4’, 5’x5’, 6’x6’
  • Custom sizes available

Husky® drain covers are designed as a bladder to be filled with water and placed over a sewer or storm drain in order to eliminate any toxic waste or hazardous materials from entering the sewer or storm drain systems. They come in several sizes and can be custom built to your size requirements.

Learn more about Husky's Water Dike

Water Dikes

Husky Water Dike

  • Materials: 22, 30 oz. PVC, 40 oz. Urethane
  • Fills with water
  • Easy to use Fill/Closure Valve

Husky® Water Dikes are designed as a 6” diameter tube with various lengths to be filled with water and used as a diverter to keep wash down waste or spill waste from entering the aisle ways of a shop or the storm and sewer systems.

Learn more about Husky's XR Walkmat

XR Walkmat

The Husky XR® Walkmat underwent rigorous testing using the Brungraber Slip-Tester.

  • Enhances safety in high foot-traffic areas
  • Slip-resistant composite applied to XR-5-reinforced membrane
  • Exceeds OSHA and ADA standards
  • XR® Walkmat strips can be used to define paths to increase
  • Accessibility on job sites

The Husky® XR Walkmat is the perfect solution for added traction and safety on the worksite. Furthermore, we are proud to report that after rigorous testing using the Brungraber Slip-Tester, the XR® Walkmat exceeded both OSHA & ADA standards.

Learn more about Husky's Portable Wash Bay

Portable Wash Bays

Husky's Portable Wash Bay can be custom built to any size, so you can clean even your largest equipment without fear of splashing or run off.

  • Useful in washing down equipment, parts, machinery, etc.
  • Standard equipped with three sides taller than the fourth side
  • Liner materials available in many thicknesses and weights

Husky® Portable Containment custom builds whatever size, shape, or configuration of portable wash bay that suits your needs. There are several material and color options to choose from. Call us today with your requirements and we will get you a quote ASAP.

Learn more about Husky's Folding Frame Tanks

Folding Frame Tanks

Husky's Portable Folding Frame Tanks are a great solution for fast, portable, easy-to-set-up containment.

  • Sizes range from 500 to 5,000 with custom sizes available
  • All frame tanks are 29" tall
  • Husky® folding frame tanks are available with the drain tubes mounted for inside or outside use. Standard tanks come with the drain tube mounted on the outside. If you would like your tank built with the drain tube on the inside, just let us know, and we will accommodate at no charge.

Husky's classic Folding Frame Tanks are great for oil spill clean up, chemical or fuel storage, and potable or wastewater storage. Our folding frame tanks are easy to set-up, easy to tear down, and easy to store.

Learn more about Husky's Self Supporting Tanks

Self-Supporting Tanks

Husky's Self Supporting Tanks feature a convenient self-rising design, but with a larger range of sizes than our containment pools

  • 500-50,000 gallon capacities. Custom sizes available!
  • No framework means less weight with same capacity and allows for easier storage
  • Chemical & fuel resistant materials. Potable NSF 61 approved materials.

Our Self-Supporting Tanks are a great solution to your oil spill clean up, chemical or fuel storage, potable or waste water storage needs. These tanks are easy to use and set-up, just unfold and go! When the job is done, just fold it up and put it back in it's storage bag.

Learn more about Husky's AQUA Tank

AQUA Tanks

Husky's AQUA (Aluminum Quick Assemble) Tank gives you both a rigid frame AND portability, making it a great solution for on-the-go containment.

  • Rigid frame snaps together in minutes
  • 500-3000 gallon capacities. Custom sizes available!
  • Comes with it's own storage bag for easy handling and compact storage

For sturdy construction and easy portability, look no further than the Husky® AQUA Tank. The Aluminum Quick Assemble (or AQUA) tank snaps together in minutes, and can be built with chemical & fuel resistant materials, and even potable NSF 61 approved materials, making it a great solution for a variety of containment needs.


Bladder Berms & Liners
Ground Covers
"Quick Fix" Field Repair Kits
Tread Pads

Husky® offers a complete line of accessories, sold individually or as accessories with our extensive selection of environmental products.

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