Water Dikes

Husky's Water Dike.

Husky® Water Dikes are designed as a 6” diameter tube with various lengths to be filled with water and used as a diverter to keep wash down waste or spill waste from entering the aisle ways of a shop or the storm and sewer systems. These are great for keeping water waste contained when washing machinery, windows, etc. They come in several lengths and can be custom built to your requirements. The simple fill/closure valve is large enough to accept a garden hose for easy filling.

  • Materials: 22, 30 oz. PVC, 40 oz. Urethane
  • Fills with water
  • Easy to use fill/closure valve
  • Sizes: 6” diameter by 10’, 20’, 50’, 100’
  • Can be built to any length required

NOTE: Drain Covers and Water Dikes are more effective on smooth surfaces. A rough or porous surface will allow some leak through.

Husky's Water Dike in action.


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