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Double Folding Frame Water Tanks

Husky double-folding frame water tank

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Husky® offers Double Folding Frame Water Tanks for the end user that has limited storage space.  These unique frame tanks have a second folding point on the long side of the frame allowing you to fold the frame tank one more time cutting the overall length in half. Just pull the special heavy duty pins from the laser cut hinges and fold your tank again. The pins are secured to the frame to assure they will not be lost!

Husky folding frame tanks are available with the drain tubes mounted for inside or outside use. Standard tanks come with the drain tube mounted on the outside. If you would like your tank built with the drain tube on the inside, just let us know, and we will accommodate at no charge.

Frame Types


  • 7/8" od., 14 gauge (HREW P & O) Round Tube Steel (3/4" square tube 14 gauge steel available)
  • Superior heavy duty laser cut hinge design
  • Pinch-free design - Read more.
  • Mig welded construction, guaranteed!
  • Custom sizes and designs available


  • 1" x 1" x 1/8" 6061 Square Tube Aluminum
  • Superior heavy duty laser cut hinge design
  • Pinch-free design - Read more.
  • 20-25% weight savings over steel
  • Aluminum mig welded construction, guaranteed!
  • Will not rust!


Husky® port-a-tank liners are designed with no bulky corners full of excess material that you don't need. Our patent-pending manufacturing process allows us to use one continuous piece of heavy duty 22 oz. vinyl for the side panel, which is then welded to our Husky® duty 28 oz. floor material. Combined with our patented "Easy Lift Handles" (US Patent No. 8,746,478 and other Patents Pending) welded to the liner floor, Husky's® frame tank liners are the most durable and easiest to use on the market today.

  • Available in NSF-61 approved (suitable for potable water)
  • Chemical and fuel resistant
  • Exclusive, patent pending, heavy duty floor increases the durability of the liner. With our heavy duty acrylic-coated 30 oz. floor material standard, Husky's® Folding Frame Tanks are the most durable on the market. Better than Hypalon!
  • Easy Lift Handles (US Patent No. 8,746,478 and other Patents Pending), offered only by Husky®, are mounted on the floor of our liners and make pick-up quick and easy
  • (Click here to view pictures of the Easy Lift handles in use)
  • 10" drain tube with quick release for fast draining or mating with another tank - Two drain tubes are standard on 2500+ gallon tanks
  • #4 solid brass grommets
  • Double stitched, triple reinforced hems
  • Ground and top covers available
  • Clear view panel liner (optional) includes a 12" wide heavy-duty, reinforced clear vinyl panel that allows you to easily view water level from any angle

Liner Materials

  • Vinyl liners come in all 22 oz., 22 oz. sides with a 30 oz. floor, or all 30 oz.
  • 22 oz. liners available in red, yellow, blue, orange, green, black, and lime green
  • 20 oz. and 30 oz. available in red, yellow, orange and black

Vinyl liners are also available in NSF 61 approved 30 oz. potable material and in chemical and fuel resistant materials that are great for oil spill clean-up or petroleum storage.


Husky® Portable Containment is proud to introduce our new EXLON® folding frame tank liner material, which has been designed to replace DuPont's discontinued Hypalon liner material. EXLON® was designed with UV resistance, heat resistance, abrasion, puncture resistance and excellent cold cracking qualities in mind allowing Husky® to offer the best folding tank liner material on the market. EXLON® has incredible strength as well; it can be used in tanks up to 10,000 gallon capacity. EXLON® comes with a ten year warranty against UV and weather elements. Read more.

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Standard Dimensions

Capacity Open Dimensions Folded Dimensions Weight (Steel Frame) Weight (Alum. Frame)
500 Gal. 5'8" x 5'8" x 29" 16" x 2'11" x 29" 90 lbs. 68 lbs.
750 Gal. 7'0" x 7'0" x 29" 16" x 3'7" x 29" 97 lbs. 79 lbs.
1000 Gal. 8'3" x 8'3" x 29" 16" x 4'3" x 29" 116 lbs. 96 lbs.
1500 Gal. 10'3" x 10'3" x 29" 16" x 5'3" x 29" 138 lbs. 109 lbs.
2100 Gal. 11'3" x 11'3" x 29" 16" x 5'9" x 29" 154 lbs. 124 lbs.
2500 Gal. 12'3" x 12'3" x 29" 16" x 6'3" x 29" 169 lbs. 135 lbs.
3000 Gal. 13'3" x 13'3" x 29" 16" x 6'9" x 29" 185 lbs. 149 lbs.
3500 Gal. 14'3" x 14'3" x 29" 16" x 7'3" x 29" 205 lbs. 167 lbs.
4000 Gal. 15'3" x 15'3" x 29" 16" x 7'9" x 29" 223 lbs. 178 lbs.
5000 Gal. 17'3" x 17'3" x 29" 16" x 8'9" x 29" 269 lbs. 215 lbs.

Valves and Fittings

Easy Lift Handles

Fire fighters using the Husky Easy Lift Handles to make tear-down of portable tank quick and easy

Husky's® Easy Lift Handles (US Patent No. 8,746,478 and other Patents Pending) make your job easier. With our heavy-duty handles located on the floor of our folding water tanks, tank tear-down not only takes less effort, but also saves valuable time and man-power. Read more about our Easy Lift Handles and see them in action.


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