Tread Pads

A Husky A-Side Pop-Up Tank with Tread Pads.

Husky's® tread pads are an accessory to our drive through berms. Tread Pads protect your berm in traffic areas and are positioned inside the berm where your vehicles tires will be tracking on the berm. Husky® Tread Pads are 2.5’-3’ wide by 2’ longer than your berm. Standard Tread Pads come in two different materials. Our lightweight tread pad material is heavy duty 22 oz. PVC that can either be laid into position inside the berm or can actually be welded to the berm itself eliminating loose parts. The heaviest tread pad material we offer is 1/8” thick and is the most durable puncture proof tread pad material out there. This material cannot be welded to the berm but must be placed inside the berm after deployment.

Heavy Duty tread pad

Our super heavy duty tread pad material is 1/8” thick and provides a durable, puncture-proof barrier for your berm.


  • 22 oz. heavy-duty pvc
  • 125 mil. #120 heavy-duty pvc with non-slip surface


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