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Portable Wash Bays

Husky's Portable Wash Bay.

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Husky® Portable Wash Bays can be made to any size.

Husky® Portable Wash Bay - front view with top cover.

Husky® Portable Wash Bay - side view with top cover.

A Husky® Portable Wash Bay in use

Husky's Wash Bays are designed to contain overspray while pressure cleaning equipment and can be built to most size requirements and shapes. Wash Bays create a perfect system for maintenance cleaning of all types of products from oil field valves and pigs to industrial filters and equipment. Wash Bays are an open top design built with a foldable frame and liner, one piece construction. We do offer an optional Top Cover. Wash Bay Top Covers are built with the same high quality framework and liner material as the Wash Bay. Top Covers incorporate clear panels into the material to allow additional light in. Other options include; Ground Covers, which are place under the Bay and give more protection for the floor and throw away liners that can be placed inside your Wash Bay adding protection for the existing liner. Wash bay liners are replaceable.

Husky Portable Containment custom builds whatever size, shape, or configuration of portable wash bay that suits your needs. There are several material and color options to choose from. Call us today with your requirements and we will get you a quote ASAP.

  • Based on our portable folding frame tank line
  • Useful in washing down equipment, parts, machinery, etc.
  • Standard equipped with three sides taller than the fourth side
  • Liner materials available in many thicknesses and weights
  • Folds down to 8" wide x length and height
  • Available in aluminum or steel framework
  • Liners are replaceable
  • Portable Wash Bays can be built to any size specifications


  • Oil Field
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation


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