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Rainwater and Drinking Water Storage

Husky's Rainwater Storage Tank on site at a home in te mountains

Husky Portable Containment bladder tank onsite

A Husky Bladder Tank under a tiny house, used to store potable water.

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Bladder Tanks for Rain and Drinking Water Storage

No access to city water? Living tiny? Looking for a drinking water storage solution after a natural disaster? Husky Portable Containment® Bladder Tanks are a great option for rainwater and drinking water storage. Husky® can make a custom pillow tank to match your needs! We can create Bladders in any size from 25 gallons to 50,000 gallons of capacity. Our Bladders can be made food grade or to NSF 61 compliant potable water containment standards.

  • Sizes starting at 25 gal capacity
  • Storage bag included
  • Husky can design & build Bladder Tanks to meet any requirements.


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Design your Custom Bladder Tank