Bladder Berms and Liners

Husky's Bladder Berm prevents spillage in the event of a leak.

Husky® manufacturers secondary containment Berms and Berm Liners to match all our Bladder Tank sizes. If you have purchased a fuel or chemical Bladder Tank from us, you will most likely be required to have some type of secondary containment in case of a spill. For excavated berm areas, we offer berm liners to line the excavated area where the bladder will be positioned. Husky also offers stand up Bladder Berms for when excavating is not an option. Our folding frame tanks are not only used in the firefighting industry but also the spill berm secondary containment market as well. They are great for bladder tank containment, hazardous spill clean up and a variety of other containment needs. We have 11 different standard sizes and can build any custom size folding tank you require. These tanks are a no-assembly design and fold up to a 7.5” width for easy storage. The liners are replaceable if needed. All Husky portable water tanks come with a lifetime warranty on all welds and welded seams. All Bladder Berms and Liners are built with materials to match the resistance properties of the bladder itself. Feel safe with Husky® Bladder Berm or Liner.

This Husky Bladder Tank is contained in a Berm Liner.

Husky's® Bladder Berms and Liners prevent any spillage in the event of a leak.

This Husky Bladder Tank is contained in a Folding Frame Tank.

Husky's® Folding Frame Tanks are a great option for secondary containment.

Bladder Berm Features

  • Material Options: PVCs from 22 oz. – 30 oz., All XR materials, urethanes
  • Aluminum angles are heavy duty 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum
  • Sidewall pockets are approx. every 24" apart or less to accept the angles
  • Our angle berms are tested and guaranteed
  • Storage bags

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