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A few of Husky's Fire Fighting Accessories products.

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A small Husky Floating Strainer.

Husky® Portable Containment Strainers are durable and strong yet lightweight, so they are easy to handle. Husky® Strainers will meet or exceed flow rates of any other strainers on the market and we stand behind our strainers with a three year warranty, so you can be assured you are buying a quality product that will last. Husky® offers two types of strainers — floating strainers and low-level strainers, so there is a Husky® brand strainer for virtually any application.

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Top Covers

A Husky top cover.

  • Triple reinforced hem
  • Double stitched hem
  • #4 solid brass grommets
  • “Rip Stop” base fabric

Husky® Top Covers are designed to keep the outside elements from contaminating the stored liquid in your folding frame tank or self supporting tank. They are designed with a 6” drop around the perimeter of the tank and are supplied with tie down straps.

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Ground Covers

A Husky Ground Cover can protect your tank.

  • Triple reinforced hem
  • Double stitched hem
  • #4 solid brass grommets in each corner
  • “Rip Stop” base fabric

Husky® Ground Covers are designed to spread on the ground before you set up one of our tanks. They protect the bottom of the tank from all types of terrain.

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Supply Line Brackets

Husky's Supply Line Bracket.

  • All aluminum construction lightweight and durable
  • 6061-T6 aluminum, no castings
  • Sizes: 1 1/2” – 5”
  • NH (NST) Female threads are standard, any threads available
  • Long or short handle swivels

Husky® Portable Containment Supply Line Brackets are the perfect solution when manpower is at a minimum. Just clamp our Supply Line Brackets to your folding frame tank, connect your supply line and let the water run.

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Hard Suction Hose Stand

Husky's Hard Suction Hose Stand.

  • Aluminum and lightweight steel construction
  • Adjustable height ranging from 26” – 42”
  • Can be used inside or outside of the tank
  • Opens in one motion, no pins or snaps
  • Easily stored

Husky® Portable Containment offers Hard Suction Hose Stands for use with our Self Supporting Tanks. This stand allows you to place your suction hose in the “saddle” of the stand to eliminate any collapsing of the side of the tank. Husky® hose stands are fully adjustable.

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Portable Tank Racks

Husky's Portable Tank Rack.

  • All stainless steel construction
  • All welds are Tig welded
  • Easy to get tanks in and out of rack
  • Rubber padding to protect your tanker

Husky® Portable Containment is now producing all stainless steel portable tank racks with a manual release mechanism. These lightweight sturdy racks are designed for easy installation.

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Drain Tube Clamp

Husky's Drain Tube Clamp.

  • All aluminum construction
  • Hitch pin for easy locking
  • Nitrile rubber gaskets
  • Only 3 lbs.
  • Takes up minimal space on your truck

Husky® drain clamps work in unison with Husky® drain connectors. They are designed for clamping the 10” drain in your folding frame tank liner to shut off the supply of water from one tank to the other.

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Drain Connector

Husky's Drain Connector allows you to connect two tanks.

  • Aluminum construction
  • Tig welded handle
  • Low profile design allows drain connector and drain tubes to stay flat on the ground allowing maximum water flow

Husky® drain connector is built from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum. It is designed for connecting two or more folding frame tanks together.

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"Quick Fix" Field Repair Kits

Husky's Exlon Vinyl field repair kits.

  • No gluing or sewing necessary
  • Won’t discolor over time
  • Won’t turn gummy in high heat
  • Stretches and springs back without losing its grip

Our “Quick Fix” field repair kits are designed for emergency field repairs and can immediately repair small holes, rips, or tears in vinyl or EXLON®. There is no gluing necessary—just peel and stick to the damaged area and keep your tank in the game.