These items are sold individually or as accessories to Husky's®  environmental products. Click on the item name for a more complete description.

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Ground Covers

A Husky Ground Cover can protect your tank.

  • Triple reinforced hem
  • Double stitched hem
  • #4 solid brass grommets in each corner
  • “Rip Stop” base fabric

Husky® Ground Covers are designed to spread on the ground before you set up one of our tanks. They protect the bottom of the tank from all types of terrain.

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"Quick Fix" Field Repair Kits

Husky's Exlon Vinyl field repair kits.

  • No gluing or sewing necessary
  • Won’t discolor over time
  • Won’t turn gummy in high heat
  • Stretches and springs back without losing its grip

Our “Quick Fix” Field Repair Kits are designed for emergency field repairs and can immediately repair small holes, rips, or tears in vinyl or EXLON®. There is no gluing necessary—just peel and stick to the damaged area and keep your tank in the game.

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Tread Pads and Track Belting

Husky tread pads protect your drive-through berm

  • Available loose or welded to your berm
  • Available in lightweight and heavy duty

Husky® Tread Pads and Track Belting protect your berm in traffic areas and are positioned inside the berm where your vehicle's tires will be tracking on the berm.


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Hydrocarbon Filtration

  • Also known as a "Self Bailer"
  • Protects against contaminated liquids entering the environment

Husky ® Hydrocarbon Filtration Systems protect the environment from contamination while allowing excess water to drain from the berm.


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XR® Walkmats

Detail cutaway of a Husky XR® Walkmat

  • Enhances safety in high foot-traffic areas
  • Slip-resistant composite applied to XR-5-reinforced membrane

The Husky® XR® Walkmat underwent rigorous testing using the Brungraber Slip-Tester. We are proud to report that the XR® Walkmat exceeded both OSHA & ADA standards.