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Fuel Bladder Tanks

Fuel Bladder Tanks

This Husky Fuel Bladder Tank comes equipped with a pump.

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Husky's® Fuel Bladder Tanks are the perfect answer to all your fuel storage and containment needs. All Husky® bladder tanks are air pressure tested before shipping, are easy to handle, and fold down for compact, easy storage.

Husky® Fuel Bladder Tanks are built with quality and precision in mind. We use only top quality, high grade materials for all our bladder tanks. Every Husky® Fuel Bladder Tank is tested and approved by one of our quality control team. Husky® Fuel Bladders can be used for many applications. From agricultural fuel storage, to large quantity industrial fuel storage, Husky®can meet your fuel storage needs.

  • Military grade urethane (MIL-T-52983)
  • All aluminum machined flanges
  • 2” Inlet with splash-free vented cap – other sizes available
  • 3/4” Outlet (ball valve) up to 4”
  • Can install any type and size of fittings that may be required
  • Pressure relief valve (if required)
  • Reinforced flange areas
  • Heavy-duty D-rings for securing the bladder
  • Available harness strapping (used with boat bladders for holding drinking or waste water only)
  • Diesel, jet fuels


  • Husky® can custom manufacture any size fitting or configuration
  • Standard water bladder has one inlet and one outlet
  • Standard fuel or chemical bladder has one inlet, one outlet, one vent



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